Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring - Its Makeover Time - Inside and Out

Its Spring and makeover, spruce-up, clean up, clear out, re-design and perhaps re-define time. Sooooo, here's a fresh idea to go with those fresh cut flowers you bought yourself just cause.

Given the current economic challenges, and as important, an ethical perspective, how about taking 10% of the money you'd normally spend on (often unnecessary) cosmetics and buy a self help book, something inspirational, David Chilton's best selling "Wealthy Barber" or Suze Orman's publications on smart, common sense money management.

OK I'm going to say it, in my professional, experienced opinion, the cosmetics industry continues to bilk billions of buckaroos on the backs of women's socialized low self esteem by keeping them addicted to thinking that "if I just buy a better shade of whatever then my life will be better", my lover WILL come back, I can knock off 10-20 years, get a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, a raise, the dream job and the dream man. DAH I say. Oh and guys, just cause you aren't marketed to in this arena, don't think that NO attention to your "personal packaging" wins favour with the lasses or bosses.

This Makeup Maven says its nothing more than the Emperor's New Clothes in the fashion and cosmetics industries and nothing could be further from the truth. (I know its a bit of an exaggeration, but work with me here.) However, that self help book, internal makeover or simply doing random acts of kindness will do just as much for your mug as well designed and streamlined makeup will - and far more than these often inexperienced or objectifying artists and money grubbing "fashion gurus" will.

So here's the BIG tip this week. All you gals need to keep yourself fresh, glamorous, inspired and achieve a beautiful healthy "look" is no more than one zip lock size bag of makeup. Yes, that's all!! I promise. It will take you from the bedroom to the board room to the ballroom and back to the bedroom. And guys, polished skin, groomed brows and hair and manicured hands goes a long way to giving an impressive impression too. Back to the gals.

Example - you never need more than 6 lipcolours - one each dark warm and dark cool, medium warm and cool, and very light warm and cool. With this combination you can be ready for anything, any time, anywhere. Now how many do you have hidden away in drawers, bags, boxes - especially the ones you've bought and used once or twice or NEVER. Yikes. See where you could be saving lots-o-coin?

And of course, its not how much you pay for product, its what it does for you, and that its manufactured in an environmentally responsible way without testing on creatures weaker than us.

I'll be giving my best kept secret tips on this blog over the next months, so let your gal and guy pals know to check in. You can also stop by at my website or visit for a more well rounded approach to personal packaging and a gallery of some of my clients and miraculous makeovers with simple, streamlined products.

And feel free to send me your questions through my site at And while you're there take a stroll for more beauty info, to view pics of celebs, distinctive looks and some glam or follow the links to other related services.

In the meantime - a Happy Mom's Day to all you women that do, and have done, the most important job in this world - raising a child/ren. A tip of the chapeau to you - oh, and me too. Sharon Danley
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wacky World of Wigs

As promised on twitter, I took the Jessica Simpson wigs for a test run (short straight and 10" curly). Overall they're a great addition for a curly haired look that stays (the curl memory is built in to the synthetic fibers). However, I've discovered other ways to use these great hair tools. (Not completely enamored with the straight one - yet, so its going back to pit for a re??? whatever the car jockeys do in the pit. Check it out on YouTube.

For those with thin hair, I find putting your hair up into a pony tail above the crown, attaching the wig, undoing the pony tail and then letting all your hair down over top is a better use of the wig and is more comfortable to wear. Of course, your own hair should be pre curled rather than curling after the wig is attached - you could catch some of the wig fiber inadvertently and find yourself hurling forth verbiage like - "I'm melting, I'm melting" that will no doubt be heard through the roof tops.

Its easy to wrap your own hair into curls using bobby pins, small sponge rollers or rags - yes, I said it, rags. They are comfortable, easy and give a great curl.

Another point - I find wearing the shorter curly wig high on the crown allows the sides to hang longer than the back of the wig giving it a current, more sophisticated approach. However, worn as instructed works just as well as a pretty casual look. Ah the choices.

Overall Rating
Comfort - decent (for synthetic hair) Ease - fairly good Styling Options - 3 (more than 1 is aces in this maven's book) Next - I'm going to cut some wefts out of the wig and create individual extensions to see if they feel more comfortable - like my straight extensions do.

Time for some caffeine and check to see if this first post works.
Would love your feedback.

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