Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Luscious Lashes

Want fabulous, natural or dramatic lashes - fast and easy? Well your wish is granted. There is nothing faster and more effective than false lashes to give ultimate lengthening and thickening to your peepers from extremely natural to intensified dramatic. They are the often overlooked "pot of gold" when it comes to makeup.

And don't fear, I'm not talking Drag Queen Lashes here . I agree these are best kept in the theatre or for drag shows. But natural strip lashes or clusters is definitely the way to go.

The trick is in choosing the right look for your eye shape, face frame and the event you are dressing up for. Personally, I wear lashes every day. I try the mascara thing when I need to try new products, but my falsies are soooooo much faster and effective for me. And like everything else in life, when you practice a new skill often enough you eventually "master" it.

First Things First - Glue MAC Duo or Ardell Waterproof, Clear are the best on the market from this maven's perspective. Toss any glue that comes packaged with your lashes. And DON'T use coloured glues - they just don't work and remain tackie and don't hold well. Instead, drop a little dark brown eyeshadow along the glue line if you think you'll need it. Besides the glues I mentioned dry clear anyway.

Styles My faves on the readily available market are Andrea, Ardell and Quo invisible bands and they come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. The general rule is - the more natural - the shorter and sparser you want your fab fakes to be. The more dramatic, then the thicker and longer fun fakes are what to aim for.

Strip Lashes

With either choice it's a good idea to curl your lashes first. If you're using the strip lashes (which should have been trimmed to fit well) apply them next. Press your lashes together with the false ones. When dry, apply mascara under the upper lashes, let dry and for extra oomph curl your own and the false lashes together. Then stand back in awe.

Cluster Lashes

For individual lashes or clusters, curl your own lashes, apply mascara and then add the individuals to the ends first and work your way in until you are satisfied. Add another coat of mascara and you too have peepers to remember. And they come in brown and black in either short, medium or long lengths, as well as under lashes. Short and medium are best for most peeps. Create your own clusters - use the end third of a strip lash and apply on the outer corner of your eyes. Voila - faster and thicker than individual clusters.

A Couple of Other Points First, run, don't walk away from "permanent lashes". I wouldn't put that kind of glue close to my peepers and from every application I've witnessed, I haven't seen any that look natural and where all the lashes stayed in tact.

Second, perming your lashes can be a great trick for the younger femme fatale. But as we age our lashes become thinner and weaker - not smart to be applying perm lotions, potions and neutralizers to these tender few hairs. Trust me the bit of surgical glue used to apply false lashes is much safer, faster, more effective and economical.

It takes no more time for false lash application than using mascara once you hone the skill and they look dreamier and last much better. And they should last up to 2 months of regular wear if you care for them by removing the glue after taking them off, cleaning off excess mascara with alcohol and store them in the tray.

To add drama, fill out what nature has taken away, and save time, fabulous fake lashes are the best things you can add to those pretty peepers. Try a pair - you won't go back. And if you have trouble just drop me a line.

Check out YouTube/TwoMinuteTips Demos

Sharon Danley, Master Artist
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