Monday, June 29, 2009


Great looking brows are never neglected whether thick, thin or anything in between. They look best about 2 shades lighter than your hair colour, except for fashion forward looks where, of course, anything goes, except a Groucho Marx or Marlene Dietrich look these days.

Eyebrows are the architectural foundation of the face

A good brow shaping that's well maintained, will gain you full advantage in the beauty department. Just follow these simple guidelines and your brows will always look fab and be correct for your face shape.

Need a thicker or thinner brow?

You can redesign a uni brow, fill in ones that are over-plucked or correct ones that are poorly shaped. Its simple by using an eyebrow stencil by placing it over your own brow and tracing it in with a brow pencil or eyeshadow and a flat edged angle brush. Then pluck all the hairs outside of the stencil lines away and fill in the interior using one of the following methods. Here's a step by step guide that answers many brow problems - Beautiful Brows with a number of online illustrations.

Try an eyeliner sealant (there are lots available - my fave is Cinema Secrets) and a powdered eyeshadow. A taupe shade works well for gals on the lighter side of the human colour wheel and dark brown for those richly coloured beauties at the other end. Dip an angled brush lightly in the sealant and then into the eyeshadow and apply in short hair like strokes moving in an upward and outward direction replicating the way your own brow hair grows.

This method creates (in feather-like strokes) a thicker, natural looking brow by filling in where necessary and elongating as desired. Simply top with a clear mascara and voila you have all day brows that are water resistant - Magic!

Another method is to use a brow pencil and eyeshadow with a flat edged angle brush for good definition. As a pencil is a waxed based product it can get shiny or melt in heat. But using an eyeshadow mixed with the pencil will seal it. A couple of my fave waterproof eye pencils are Annabelle and Rimmel - cheap, cheerful and a "can buy everywhere" product.

For those blessed with luscious thick brows – a simple grooming tool is a disposable mascara wand – go figure.

Now for a really, really quick clean up (especially for the peach fuzz often missed at the back end of the brows) a simple single blade brow and face razor often found in Chinatown or now at Sephora, is a fabulous and quick answer. Oh, and for the over 21 set that starts to sprout those pesky little hairs above the lip or on the chinny, chin chin - a swift stroke with this tool and voila - sleek, clear skin. And no, the hair doesn't grow back thicker!!

Remember, like a correct frame enhances a piece of art - your eyebrows are the framework of your face.

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Sharon Danley, Master Artist