Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Younger Looking Eyes - Fast & Easy

As we mature, we all know gravity battles with our bodies to pull everything south. In the eye department, brows droop and the hair takes on a mind of its own. Crows feet form if the skin isn’t cared for to the max. And lids begin to turn outward along the lash line due to droopiness and excess skin accumulating over time.

Quick Tricks to Youth Up the Eyes

Brows – Clean ‘em up quickly with a brow razor (check my blog on brows). Take a close up digital pic or even better, use your video camera and get up close and personal with your eyes. Remove needless hair (including fuzz that we tend to miss) and fill in where hair is missing.

And here is something this Makeup Maven hears all the time - “my brows are thin; they never grew back after I plucked them when I was younger; I don’t want to take away any more hair cause they are thin as they are”. Listen Up – if the hair surrounding your brows doesn’t belong, get rid of it. Brows are the architectural foundation of the face and when cleaned up, shaped and filled in correctly it creates an instant eye lift.

Eyeliner – If you want to knock off 10 years and bring a soft, natural looking drama to your eyes, try this.

Use a gel liner like MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and a thin liner brush and LINE THE UNDER SIDE OF THE UPPER LID. Use an eyeshadow and flat edged angle brush to apply a dark brown eyeshadow as a liner on top of the lid with a smudged approach.

Remember black is for black skinned, blondes use taupe to dark brown shades and everybody in between adjust intensity according to your skin colour.

As we age the under side of the upper lid becomes more exposed and no amount of makeup on the lid will help. But gel or waterproof liner applied to this area immediately camouflages the flesh colour and deletes the aged look. Try it on one eye only and then compare. You won’t go back.

Bonus - The gel liners are waterproof and wear extremely well in this moist area of the eye, yet remove easily with face cleanser.

Top off with a few cluster lashes or a third of a strip fake lash to the outside corner of your eyes and voila – younger, softly dramatic, compelling eyes that are hard to ignore.

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Sharon Danley, Master Artist